Bennett’s Chemist on Church St

This photo, taken in the late 1940s, shows Bennett’s Chemist on Church St. Jimmy Whelan started his shop there in the 1960s, prior to moving to the end of Church Street, and in more recent years The Sweet Shop was located here.

We were curious as to what miracle Mutesco performed to deserve such a prominent place in the chemist’s window. Below is the text from an advert found in a 1927 newspaper archive:

The Hair Tonic a monk gave the world. Where other claimed remedies fail, Mutesco definitely succeeds. Fading, falling hair – dandruff – all kinds of hair disorder are rectified by this amazingly successful tonic, made in accordance with the magic formula which came, as an heirloom, into the hands of a monk. Mutesco is on sale at chemists everywhere in 1/9 and 3/3 bottles.

There you go..!

The person who is currently developing the premises is hoping that the original Bennett signage is still hanging behind the board over the window; all will be revealed in 2018!


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