July Lecture Is Early In July!

We are delighted to announce that we are working with the excellent Féile Brian Boru to produce a brilliant lecture on the 4th of July. You read that right! The FIRST Wednesday of July will host our lecture instead of the last. AND it will be at the new later starting time of 7.30pm. So this is a heads-up, and don’t forget to write it down somewhere so you don’t miss out! Because this looks like being a cracker of a talk.

The Killaloe train station in Ballina is long gone now, but you can still see the outline of the tracks, the sidings, the station itself, the signal box, and of course the washerwoman bridge. This lecture will cover the building of the railway lines in the Limerick area, and will also look at the people involved, and the times in which they lived. Although only four miles in length with its connection to the main line at Birdhill, the long closed Killaloe branch will be well featured in the presentation, which promises to be both informing and entertaining.

Joe Coleman has published histories on the old cinemas of Limerick (House Full), and on her railways (Falling Gradient). You can read a fabulous interview with Joe on the Limerick Post at this link, which will give a flavour of the talk to come in July.

We will see you on the evening of Wednesday 4th July at 7.30pm (new later starting time!) in the back room of our venue at Wood and Bell café. Wood and Bell continue to provide our Society with this venue for free, and we thank them for this sponsorship. Please go in and have your lunch there if you want to thank them!

Entry to our July lecture is FREE as usual, and everyone of all ages and levels of interest is welcome. Help us promote this event by clicking ‘Going’ on the Facebook event here, or sharing this blogpost, or even by putting up a poster for us – you can print out one from this link. See you at the lecture – don’t forget the later starting time of 7.30pm!



  1. Thumbs up, again, for the nice backstory you provide before and after your talks. It allows far away on Lookers to have a feel 4 what you’re up to. My wife and I stayed 2 nights in mid-may in the old Station House in Ballina.It is recently turned into ABNB, and it is fantastic fabulous amazing perfection. I hope someone will reach out specifically to the woman who owns the house and operates the BNB service, so she can attend the upcoming talk if she wishes.


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