St Flannan’s Cathedral – a view through the lens

Every time I gaze upon this beautiful structure I ponder on a labour of love and spiritual devotion created without cranes, cement mixers, hard hats and high viz jackets, computer generated drawings and projections.

I wonder how was it built without our modern conveniences, how long did it take to plan, how much did it cost?  Accurate answers to these questions aren’t readily available however these mind niggling queries are dispelled when immersed in calm upon entering this hallowed space.

The proportion is at first daunting but before long my eye is drawn to small details such as the simple handcrafted cross in St Paul’s Chapel (main photograph) and the lectern nestled in the wings of the hand carved eagle..

IMG_1039then sunlight pouring through stained glass dappling jewels in it’s travels.IMG_1052The confines of the viewfinder focus my attention on the grand confluence of curves and lines in the main chapel, a feast of symmetry. IMG_1044I am sorry to leave this haven and return to busy living but have comfort in knowing I can always refresh my sense of wonder by paying a visit to St Flannan’s Cathedral.

In the afternoon of Sunday July 29th we will host a members only private tour of the Cathedral, apply now if you want to visit this wonderful place and soak up all the beauty while hearing all about it’s fascinating history.

Climb the bell tower and gaze down on our twin towns, the forty shades of green on the hills of Clare and Tipperary and the Shannon glistening and sparkling as it flows to the sea.

After the extensive tour we will be treated to refreshments – tea, coffee and cake, what a lovely way to spend Sunday afternoon.

To book a place just email before 22nd July.



Deborah Dudgeon – Research Officer



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