Call for Speakers 2019

Do you have a special interest in any part of Killaloe, Ballina, or the surrounding area? Would you feel comfortable talking about it for 20+ minutes in front of a friendly, engaged, and interested local audience?

Our calendar for our monthly lectures in 2019 is filling up already, but we have a few spots left.

If you are student, this is the perfect venue to cut your teeth on giving presentations! If you are a seasoned scholar, why not give something back to the local area by telling us more about it! Amateur, academic, professional, beginners – we welcome all kinds of scholars from any walk of life – the only thing required is an interest in the local history of Killaloe-Ballina of all periods.

We can offer free overnight accommodation for speakers who are wish to avail of it. This is sponsored by Kincora House, a truly incredible early 1800s guesthouse on Killaloe’s historic main street. Breakfast is included! The society would like to thank Kincora House for generously sponsoring our speakers in this way through 2019.

Get in touch now, and email to chat more. We would love to hear from you!


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